New Building Project

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Updated as of January 28th 2017
Progress of the New Proposed Building at NEBVMC, Grafton, MA
Scope of Work Vendor Cost Status
Wetland report Prepared by LEC Environmental Inc $900 Completed.
Final report to be submitted
Survey engineering services

• Site & Topographic Plan – (Required for the design of Septic System and Proposed Addition)
• Hydrology Report and Drainage Mitigation System Design
• Locating Wetland Flags
• Contractor will charge hourly rate for meeting with town officials or attend planning meeting

NEBVMC to provide excavating services for soil testing
ASI Engineering $5200
(paid 50% of the approximate cost as a retainer)
On going

We are planning to construct a new vihara and meditation center to accomodate our growing dhamma community. This center is open for everyone, irrespective of race or religion.

Your generous donations towards this noble cause is greatly appreciated. Your donations are fully tax-deductible. More Information...