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Who we are

New England Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center

Welcome to the New England Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center website. At the center and through this site, we offer you an opportunity to read and learn about Buddhism in the Theravada tradition. Theravada (Pali: Thera=elders, vada=doctrine) or the "doctrine of the elders" represents the school of Buddhism that draws spiritual inspiration from the Pali Canon (or "Tripitaka") generally accepted by scholars as the oldest record of Buddha's teachings.


The Temple

In this center, we will conduct different types of meditation classes, discussion sessions of Buddhist philosophy and thought, sessions of counseling and guidance based on Dhamma teachings, and special instructional classes geared towards young children and teenagers. All these classes and sessions will be held in an environment of deep caring and understanding.



Past Events

Some of the pictures from recent events are available to view. If you have any photos you would like to share, please email them to the temple.

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